Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016

OutStar Demo (Pre-Akpha)

This is a pre-alpha of OutStar - Enjoy.

It contains three modes:

1. The game mode (no shooting so far, just walk around)
2. Block edit (toggle with tab)
3. Sculpt editor (toggle with middle mouse button)


F1 Screenshot
F2 Toggle Fullscreen
F3 Game/Edit Mode
F4 Sculpt Mode
F5 Save Level
F6 Load Level
F7..F10 Set Resolution 1024x512..1920x1080

TAB Toggle Edit/Game Mode

Space Jump
wsad Move Player
Shift Run

Game Mode:

LMB : Will be shoot

Edit Mode:
LMB set block
MMB Toggle Sculpting Tool
RMB delete block
Wheel: change block

Hold the LMB/RMB and drag to set a larger area

In sculpting tool:
Add block to octree : adds a new block to the available list