Freitag, 4. März 2011

Raycasting Procedural Height-map based Geometry

This one is a trial to use multiple textures for defining a complex procedural 3D object. The basic idea is similar to True Impostors (link) - however with multiple maps to allow complex 3D objects. The screenshot below shows the rendering result of a biologic plant-like structure. The raycasting not optimized, but the results are promising. To render one bean, only a cube needs to be rendered - which means that its possible to render raycasted forests as well. As the geometry is procedural, also animation can be applied - as long as the animated part doesnt leave its bounding box.

Demo download: link

In the demo, the raycasting is not optimized yet which means artifacts near thin features can be observed. For the ones of you adept with shaders - shader source is included, so you can play around.

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