Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

OpenCL Happy Buddha Raycasting 1920x1024@50fps

Here a first glimpse of  a new optimization. The good old Happy Buddha scene (1024^3) raycasted at 50 fps at almost HD resolution (1920x1024). Video below. For 960x512 it renders at 150 fps.


  1. Looking good! How many Buddhas are those?

  2. Nice work!
    Is this voxel project only for research, or do you intend to integrate this technology in a game or app in the future?

  3. @David: It was 50x50=250 Buddhas before. I have increased it to 100x100 now and put the new screenshot here - seems there is no major speed impact.

    @xico2kx: It started as a research project, but might end up in a app or game if I can get good results and further reduce the memory consumption.