Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013

Voxel Paint Tool

This is a first test of a Voxel Paint program. It supports a simple add/sub brush and also brush size and hardness.


  1. I am currently working on some isometric voxel engine (nothing to show yet). I think I will use some different way of painting voxel stuff:
    - I do a screenshot (more a "smart screenshot")
    - this screenshot is sent to some external graphic editor (photoshop)
    - I edit as I want what I want
    - The edited pictured is synchronized wiht the voxel engine and analyzed to dispatch colors on voxels. The synchronization could be dynamic or when saving the file.

  2. Sounds interesting - but I wonder how to create 3d shapes using photoshop. I can imagine that coloring would work that way.

  3. Yeah in my idea, only the coloring would fit this method. I can't imagine painting a depth buffer.