Sonntag, 26. Januar 2014

Basic Geometry Clipmaps

Basic Geometry ClipMaps.
The implementation went faster and with with less code than expected
( 2 days / 120 lines for the C++ terrain code ).


  1. It looks interesting but I don't quite understand what I'm seeing. In the top image I see lines but no triangles... so I guess you are raycasting rather than rasterizing? But does the concept of clipmaps really apply in this case? And have you tried going truly 3D, rather using just a 2D heightmap (i.e. how does it work with caves and overhangs?)?

    Interesting stuff anyway.

  2. The terrain is conventional triangle strips with VBO, so no raycasting. The plan is to combine voxel raycasting with triangle based terrain rendering in 2 passes. Since the voxel raycasting is already quite demanding, there is few time left for the terrain. The idea is therefore to first support heightmaps and perlin noise voxel based terrain in the future. I expect that the pure geometry clipmap terrain can run at 250-500fps on current hardware.