Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2015

OpenGL Game GUI & Widget Development (Alpha Demo)

Today I am going to share some progress on my GUI project.

The Design Goals were:
  • Simplicity : Create a control in one line
  • Easy Skinning support
  • TTF and UTF8 support
  • Directory : Controls can be accessed by a tree structure
  • Direct access of all data members like if a button is pressed e.g.
  • No Event Loop
  • Static non-blocking visualization
  • Dialog Templates from ressource text file
  • Callback support 

Some simple examples:
Creating a window: gui.window["idname"]=Gui::Window("Title",100,100,250,350);
Closing a window: gui.window.erase("idname");
Adding a button : gui.window["idname"].button["load"]=Gui::Button("Load",20,20,50,30);

Change the skin of a window or other control:

There is no need to create a variable for most cases. The GUI handles that for you. It will cover basic functions that a required in a game. Its not optimized for speed, yet fast enough in most cases.

You can fetch an alpha demo of the gui here : [ DOWNLOAD ]

I will post more details soon.

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