Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

Voxel Master - New functions

Today I added a smear function as well as grow/shrink.
As you can see in the image its easy to create organic stuff.

You can fetch the latest version here:

The usage is as follows:

Left Mouse Button : Draw / Add Polygon Points Clockwise
Middle Mouse Button : Pan
Right Mouse Button : Rotate / Cancel Polygon
Mouse Wheel : Brush Z / Brush size / Brush intensity / Zoom


  1. he, i really like this - i am an Artist from Germany -

    the Editor runs under Windows 8 64bit with kompatibility mode for win XP sp3. Everything works fine, fun to work with, but it doesn't save - neither voxels nor obj-files - i execute it as admin. is it only a demo or am i doing something wrong? advice would be appriciated. Thanks!

    Would love to use it for my experimental artworks. I love voxels since outcast and command and conquer. I really like the weired look of your Mario and the nervous System above.

  2. Thank you for the feedback! Yes, that version does not have a load/save function yet - it is not a problem of your settings. I have added the functionality in the meantime, and plan to release a new version soon.