Montag, 23. März 2009

New Benchmark Version

Today I ported the CUDA version to CPU (multicore), it is included in the updated Demo

[-Download-] (CUDA 2.1 Required - Driver version 181.20 or newer )

The first results so far are:

CPU (3Ghz PentiumD) - Single/Repeated/Repeated 2xAA: 3/1.2/0.6 fps
CPU (Intel Core2 Quad Q6600, 4x 3Ghz) - Single/Repeated/Repeated 2xAA: 15/8/5 fps
GPU (8800GTS) - Single/Repeated/Repeated 2xAA: 33/24/17 fps
GPU (285GTX) - Single/Repeated/Repeated 2xAA: 44/34/36 fps

Scene is this time the complex version of the one shown in the pictures below

Reason for the low CPU performance is mostly due many floating point operations I guess. Changing the calculations to Integer might improve the speed. Now its the most possible fair comparison however, since CPU and GPU get the same c++ code to execute.

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