Montag, 30. März 2009


For the ones of you who cannot run the demo for some reason, I just captured a short video of it. You can watch it below in the window or download the larger version with better quality to see more details.

Landscape AVI [mirror]


  1. Looks great! It seems that you succeeded in screen-space filtering to hide voxels.

    I switched from octrees to N3-tree. Couldn't implement the whole thing yet due to lack of time.

  2. very nice! i bet you could achieve even better framerates without fraps. Could you also make a video of the Happy Buddha, because for some reason I cannot run it.

  3. @znah: Yes, screen-space filtering to hide voxels works sufficient now. Missing are still sharp silhouettes for close objects though, where the z-difference is very small - this is not so easy.

    N3 trees sound interesting, as you need less iterations. I guess it could also depend on the scene which one performs better. Gigavoxels had , as I remember, a somehow variable format where the leaves could have variable sizes.

    @Anonymous: Yes, the speed was in average 10-15 fps higher without using fraps. Still low I found, as the full 1024 resolution was not so much slower than the captured 640x360 resolution. I will add a video of Happy Buddha later.

  4. It looks like Rayman raving rabbids...